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Nettoyage surfaces titre service maison net

The advantages of the service voucher

Benefits for all

The service voucher allows you to call for help for various household chores in your home . Thanks to government subsidies, the amount to be paid per service voucher is only € 9 .


Each individual can buy up to 500 service vouchers per calendar year, the first 400 at the price of € 9 and the last 100 at the price of € 10. Advantageous prices for carrying out your household chores!

In addition, when you use paper or electronic service vouchers , you are granted a tax reduction.


Married or legally cohabiting partners are both entitled to the tax reduction for the service vouchers they buy in their own name. The annual order volumes are valid per year and per partner. Therefore, both partners must each have a user number at Sodexo.

Discover the advantages of service vouchers for young mothers , single-parent families or even people with disabilities .

The tax benefits of the service voucher

Benefits for single-parent families

By completing a Single-parent Family Honor Declaration, single-parent families can order up to 2,000 service vouchers per year.

  • By sending a copy, with supporting documents, to your Region.

  • Another copy (the original) must be sent without vouchers Sodexo.

Service vouchers

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1050 Elsene

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Famille monoparentale
For single-parent families
For old people
avantage personnes agées

Benefits for the elderly and people with disabilities

Are you an elderly person receiving an allowance for assistance to the elderly? You can therefore order up to 2,000 service vouchers at € 9 per year .

The same is true for disabled users or with a dependent disabled child.

For young mothers
maman indépendante

Benefits for young mothers and self-employed professionals

Professionally active women can benefit from maternity assistance. This assistance is granted through mutual societies and varies according to the organization with which you are affiliated.

If you are self-employed, you can benefit from maternity assistance. This is aid in the form of 105 service vouchers, which is granted through social insurance funds.

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02 808 17 86 - 0492 27 86 26

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From Monday to Thursday

8:30 a.m.-12: 30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.-5 p.m.


Until 3:00 p.m.


Monday to Saturday



Complete cleaning - Floors and windows - Ironing - Small errands - Simple meals - Sewing work

free of charge
No additional charges.
You only pay for the title!
service voucher experience
Bsoon 20 years of experience in the sector
trust title service
Trust gained from more than 3,000 customers
housekeeping trust
More than 300 housekeepers in our team


“We are delighted with the work Ellie did on Wednesday. Our toilets shine brightly and what a pleasure to see this stairwell cleaned with water without having to do it myself. He was efficient and worked with complete discretion "

Alexandra d'Ottignies, direct message to our agency

“I have been a client in this agency for many years and I have never been disappointed. The staff are professional and attentive. "

Agnès d'Uccle, Google Reviews

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