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Our approved training

Close coaching for our housekeepers

Our customers are entitled to receive services that meet their requirements.

To do this, our professional training is a chance to acquire more skills and technicality.

The strength of our approved training courses lies in:

  • the richness of the topics covered,

  • the competence of our internal trainers,

  • the multiplicity of our learning tools.

net home training certificate

A comprehensive and targeted program

home training materials net

Per three-hour session, we offer training in the following areas:

  • Master the most used cleaning products

  • Cleaning different types of floors

  • Window washing techniques

  • A thoroughly cleaned kitchen

  • Maintain sanitary facilities

  • Know-how

  • The know-how

  • Hygiene at work

  • Household shopping

  • Help with the preparation of simple meals

  • I'm starting in French

  • Ergonomics: Prevention of back pain


At Maison'Net, it is above all a matter of providing that little extra that does not exist elsewhere: a competent worker who will provide pro-activity and know-how.


We complement our training with specific advice and instructions such as:

  • Optimal ironing and linen creasing techniques;

  • The maintenance of the taps to fight against limestone;

  • The intelligent degreasing of the microwave;

  • Maintenance of stairs;

  • Maintenance of the vacuum cleaner to ensure its longevity;

  • Etc.

Our approved training partners

free of charge
No additional costs.
You only pay the title !
Almost 20 years of experience
customer trust
A trust gained among over 3000 clients
trust team
Over 300 housekeepers in our team

Your worker guarantees

All our requests are met because we make it a point of honor to develop the strengths and capacities of each person, in a positive, motivating and respectful environment.

Developing your talent is ours.

  • A human and rewarding framework.

  • Professional training and supervision.

  • A schedule that respects your availability.

  • A multicultural team of dynamic managers.

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Our agencies to serve you in Brussels and Wallonia

agence titre service bruxelles


Rue de Genève 175/10, 1140 Evere

02 808 17 86 - 0492 27 86 26

agence titre service rixensart


Rue de Rixensart 4, 1332 Genval

02 681 08 17 - 0492 15 28 49

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