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Brand presentation

Ezym, these are productsbelgians, based on original ingredientsnatural and hypereffective, mainly thanks to the power of enzymes ! Enzymes are non-living proteins that cut through dirt very quickly and in every nook and cranny, which gives stunning results, without too much effort and respecting your health.

90% of the range has the labelEcocert because we want to ensure that: 

  • All our products contain between 90 and 100% ingredients of natural origin

  • All our suppliers and subcontractors are also audited by Ecocert to guarantee you an environmentally friendly process.

  • The compositions of our products as well as the explanation of each ingredient can be found on our website to demonstrate full transparency

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Presentation of the partnership and benefits for workers and customers

Eezym joins forces with Maison'Net to offer you its products for sale, so that cleaning remains a healthy sport! Join the“Homedetox Revolution”to ensure that only products made from natural ingredients are used, without compromising on efficacy, to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the whole family. 

A discovery pack at a reduced price!

In order to familiarize you with the brand and thus discover our products, eezym offers you its discovery pack at a reduced price especially for Maison’Net customers and which includes the essentials of the range, namely:

  • A kitchen cleaner/degreaser spray

  • Surface Cleaner Spray - White Flower

  • Surface Cleaner Spray - Sweet Orange

  • A surface cleaning spray - Herbal Fresh

  • Floor Cleaner - Herbal Fresh

  • Floor Cleaner - White Flower

  • Floor Cleaner - Sweet Orange

  • A washing machine cleaner

  • A dishwashing liquid spray

  • An anti-limestone

  • A toilet cleaner

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Pour que vous aussi vous puissiez nettoyer efficacement et de manière naturelle à la maison, eezym et Maison’Net vous offrent la possibilité d’acheter directement les produits via la plateforme et qu’ils soient livrés chez vous ! Tout cela bien sûr en vous garantissant des prix réduits. Alors, qu’attendez-vous pour les tester ?

Terms of sale Eezym

You will find the general conditions of sale on the Eezym website:

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